5th Annual Student Support Symposium Garners Positive Feedback, High-Level Learning

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Now in its fifth year, the iLEAD Student Support Symposium is a valuable professional learning opportunity in California. The purpose of the event is to challenge and inspire every iLEAD family member and educator who is committed to helping learners with disabilities, trauma, and/or other emotional challenges to succeed. The event is inspiring and interactive and offers diverse presenters and personalized sessions.

This year, the event took place virtually on October 13, 2020, featuring keynote speaker Jonathan Mooney, an award-winning writer, entrepreneur, and activist who learned to read when he was 12 years old.

Here is some feedback from this year’s participants:

“I always love the personal testimonies from the keynote speakers. I know that every iLEAD educator listening has a heart to see and support every learner. I also found the breakout session about eye care very good. Thank you for all your work in organizing and supporting our students with such dedication and heart! Your jobs are not easy, especially virtually.”
— Jennifer Russell, iLEAD Exploration Facilitator

“The opening speaker was wonderful! The three sessions I took were very informative, and I feel it was time well spent. I really enjoyed it. Thank you for all you did to make this beneficial!”
— Vivian Poutakoglou, iLEAD SCVi Facilitator

“I loved Jonathan Mooney’s words: ‘Forget what you can’t do. Focus on what you can do.’ I also really enjoyed the ‘Multisensory Words Their Way‘ session, as it reminded me how much I miss working with little ones. It is so exciting to be with like-minded people who want to help learners succeed!”
— Patty Plascencia, iLEAD Exploration Facilitator

“What an exceptional resource you offered. Thank you so much for the valuable information! I’m so thankful to be part of a school that values putting something like this together for staff and parents to learn how to support our learners in the best possible way.”
— Janae Shields, iLEAD Parent

“This event was amazing. If I had to sum it up in one word, it would be ‘inspirational’! You knocked it out of the park, and I can’t thank you enough for all the hard work you put into this. I am a newer facilitator, and this is my first time attending one of these.”
— Amy Mihele, iLEAD Exploration Facilitator

“I only wish that my own special child had gotten to attend iLEAD. I think it would have changed the game for her. I am incorporating as much as I can for her at home. I am proud to work for a place that truly, truly puts kids first.”
— Kari S. Aguilar, iLEAD Schools Speech and Language Pathologist Assistant

“Juliet’s session from SELPA about accommodations vs. modifications was very helpful and practical. She provided additional resources that I downloaded to use moving forward. She was knowledgeable and helpful. I have a bunch of takeaways that will really help me this year. I appreciate our Student Support team and all you do for our learners. Thanks for a great day! Great job.”
— Lisa Rittenhouse, iLEAD Exploration Facilitator

“I really appreciate the work put into the Student Support Symposium. It was amazing this year despite it being virtual. Thank you for all the hard work!”
— Stephanie Vasquez, Empower Generations

“Loved the Virtual Lunch with Featured Speaker Melissa Gomez. It was so nice to hear good things about families in special education. I also really appreciated all the resources presented. The Symposium was very helpful.”
— Teresa Velez, iLEAD Exploration Student Support

“I enjoyed that we were able to hold a virtual meeting. I always enjoy hearing a parent share their positive experiences with iLEAD. I love that. It fuels my fire.”
— Danielle Monton, iLEAD Schools Student Support School Counselor

“This was my first Symposium. I thought it was very informative and loved the personal touches and transparency of it all with real-life stories!”
— Jacqui Washington, iLEAD Exploration CARE Team

“There were breakout sessions on topics that mattered to me and helped me. I appreciate the opportunity to slow down for a day, stop multitasking and simply digest some beneficial information at a slower pace.”
— Dena Garfinkel, iLEAD Schools Education Specialist

“It was wonderful to hear from so many different perspectives regarding special education. It was very practical and inspiring!”
— Julie Zimmerman, iLEAD Exploration Student Support

“Great Symposium, as always! Loved the sessions, and the speakers were heartwarming and insightful!”
— Marie Pierre, iLEAD Schools SEIS & Compliance Support

“The presenters gave valuable information that I can apply to working with my current learners. I was really impressed with the Symposium!”
— Carrie Jain, iLEAD Schools Speech Language Pathologist

Click here to access the recorded webinars from the 5th annual iLEAD Student Support Symposium!

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