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High-Quality Projects Continue in Virtual Environments

Inspired learning at iLEAD Schools continues online using digital tools, resources, and environments. iLEAD learners at all sites and programs are producing and publicly sharing high-quality projects. 

Here are several current samples from iLEAD network facilitators, learners, and families:

Laureen Agee, iLEAD Online Social Science Facilitator 

For a World War II project, Laureen Agee’s learners were asked to choose any theme and create a photo essay that portrayed the theme. They could use images and write captions. One learner chose a theme that covered several aspects of the war. You can find his entire photo essay here.

Dustin Lengning, iLEAD SCVi 8th Grade Facilitator


With Science Passion Projects, Dustin Lengning’s learners are studying anything in the scientific field they find interesting. They must pitch their idea, create their own driving question, and present a deliverable to an audience. Aboev is a snippet from one SCVi learner who wanted to study how languages develop.

Mr. De Los Reyes, iLEAD-SCVi Lower School

Mr. De Los Reyes’ fifth grade learner Parker Brown finished his tiny house project at home (pictured above)! It was a big accomplishment, and the team is so proud of him.

Erika Cedeño, iLEAD-SCVi Upper School Spanish Facilitator

Erika Cedeño’s 9th graders completed a video project to put their Spanish language skills into practice. “When you learn a language, you involve so many factors, experiences, and lessons,” Cedeño said. She led a virtual cooking class, and the project was to make a cooking video in Spanish. Learners needed to use their grammar and vocabulary. “I had the most amazing final products. They put so much effort, love, and passion into them,” Cedeño said. “They created the video with the requirements. They added music, edited, and dressed up. They put their heart and passion into every single piece of those videos. I am so proud of them!”

Pat Loncaric, Regional Controller, iLEAD California

An iLEAD Agua Dulce 4th grader made a vision board. Her facilitator Pat Loncaric said, “It is cool and she really put thought into it. The four categories are creative, physical, academic, and community. She had to plan activities to keep each of these categories moving and growing during this time.”

Jodi Blinn, iLEAD-SCVi 10th Grade English Facilitator

Every year at SCVi, 10th graders do a yearlong individual project called the Personal Project. It culminates in a full-day Presentation of Learning called Personal Project Reveal Day. This year’s reveal day was originally scheduled for April 16, 2020, but we postponed it and transitioned to a Virtual Presentation model via Zoom the week of April 27.

Amber Musick, Educational Facilitator iLEAD Exploration

The virtual science fair at iLEAD Exploration gave Amber Musick’s learners the opportunity to explore their curiosity in topics ranging from space elevators to why we get dizzy when we spin (and much more!). After documenting their findings, Exploration scientists displayed their results for others to enjoy. Check out the iLEAD Exploration Virtual Science Fair here.

Jason Brockman, Colorado SKIES Academy

Ms. Gispan and Mr. Brockman developed a lesson plan for 7th grade social studies based on the Voyager Golden Disc. Learners create, propose, and vote on the best materials to send on an updated cosmic time capsule. During a time of international isolation, learners can connect to other more positive shared experiences that define our humanity.

Stacy Abrams, iLEAD Exploration Enrollment Intake Coordinator

Stacy Abrams has been the registrar for iLEAD Exploration for over four years and has homeschooled her kids with iLEAD for over five years. “During this crazy time,” Abrams said, “my kids are using the popular game Minecraft to accompany their social studies lessons. My son, Logan Abrams, is in 6th grade studying US history. After learning about various topics, he does a Minecraft build to accompany his history lesson. Following a lesson about the Continental Congress, Logan made a Minecraft replica of Independence Hall. He also created an image of George Washington when studying about him as a military leader.” 

Erin Kelley, iLEAD Exploration Educational Facilitator

One of Erin Kelley’s learners completed a science experiment at home testing how yeast produces gasses. 

This is just a small sample of the great work of iLEAD learners while they create and collaborate from home. We hope to share more examples in the weeks ahead.

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