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iLEAD Legacy Makers: Jax Malcolm

In the professional world, there is often a common means of establishing someone’s presence in any particular field: Google it. That’s right. If you Google someone’s name, you can quickly see if they are an influencer in their chosen area of public professional endeavors. Well, if you Google 16-year-old iLEAD SCVi Exploration learner Jax Malcolm, this holds true. 

We at iLEAD Schools are proud of our learners in so many ways. And it’s especially exciting when learners not only live up to expectations and the mission such as leadership, entrepreneurship, and the arts but surpass them beyond all imagination. Sixteen-year-old iLEAD SCVi Explorer Jax Malcolm has done just that and then some.

Jax, who will be graduating this June one year early, is one busy young man on all fronts of academic, social, cultural and community life. He is an actor, director, writer, business owner, activist, advocate, philanthropist, athlete and YouTuber. And that’s not the complete résumé by any means.

Focused, First & Foremost

After graduation, Jax plans to continue his already successful acting and directing career. He has launched his own business, is deeply involved in his community and always loves to learn. 

The Entrepreneur

In addition to being an artist, a learner and a community supporter, Jax is also a business owner and innovator. He launched his own clothing company TRIDENT in October 2019 at the Gen Z Social Summit in Los Angeles.

As a competitive swimmer (Jr. Olympics, varsity), Jax says he named his company Trident after the infamous weapon of Poseidon. “I have always been inspired by water, so this seemed like an appropriate name,” he said. 


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Catalyst for the Community

Known in Hollywood for performing, Jax is motivated to lend his star power to so many worthwhile causes. 

To start, he’s a founding member of Heal the Bay’s Hollywood Ambassador Board. He is a certified speaker for the organization and works at Heal the Bay Aquarium, focusing on their children’s initiatives and clean water legislation.

Jax, who had multiple kidney surgeries in his early months of life and had active kidney care until age five, is also a speaker and ambassador for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. On behalf of the hospital, he hosted an event called DreamNight at the Los Angeles Zoo, has spoken at press conferences and works with corporate donors.

Jax loves animals and works with the Spay Neuter Project Los Angeles. Three years ago, he got involved with them when his family fostered and adopted three kittens who received their lifesaving spay and neuter surgeries through the organization. Now he’s an active member of the organization who volunteers with their kitten nursery project. He’s also just completed a successful campaign for SNPLA on their Instagram account, @snpla. Jax features his own rescue kittens on his Instagram account, @thejaxmalcolm.


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Such a great time playing #videogames & #virtualreality, @starlightchildrensfoundation all while bringing happiness to seriously ill kids at @uclamch and all across the US. Join me in making a difference by signing up or donating at #StreamForStarlight now >> @lrmpublicity @gettyimages @micheal_tullberg

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Finally, Jax takes his performance background to the Starlight Children’s Foundation by supporting their annual Dream Halloween event. This includes visiting young patients at the hospital and delivering presents, singing telegrams and more. He also hosts an annual star student movie event in partnership with the Vista Theatre and Nerds Like Us to raise money for these organizations.

For many of us, this would be a lifetime or more of service or community-based work. But for Jax, it’s simply what he does. 

“I am driven by the need to do good and try to make a positive impact in my community every day,” he said. 

Activism, Advocacy

Conservation Invasion is the award-winning educational web series from Jax on YouTube that has 1.83K subscribers. Jax created Conservation Invasion to engage, educate and promote lifelong environmental stewardships to children and their families.

According to Jax, since most people first encounter the natural world of animal and plant life as children, he hosts his web series on location at zoos, aquariums, animal sanctuaries, museums, and children’s educational centers. Jax shoots his series using an iPhone and a GoPro 10 and aims to include an expert interview at each location.

“I really want to bring the experience to the viewer at home,” he said. “Additionally, we aim to spotlight the critical role these institutions play in the fight to save endangered or threatened species and promote the importance of planet conservation.”

When Jax first got connected to Heal the Bay, he was a summer lifeguard at the beach. “I was seeing firsthand the devastation that we are inflicting on our waterways and the animal inhabitants,” he said. “It gave me a platform to make change.”

And now, Jax sees his mission is not only to advocate environmental protection through organizations like Heal the Bay, but to get his peers and others to do the same. 

“I really use my speaking engagements and conservation invasion as a way to enact change from those who are interested in joining the cause,” said Jax. “We always include tips to make immediate changes in the world.”

Lifelong Learner, Digital Citizen

Jax says that due to his diverse interests, passions and projects that iLEAD SCVi has been the perfect place for him. “SCVi offers me the flexibility that my schedule demands, as well as the opportunity to pursue educational opportunities through outside sources as well,” he said. 

For example, Jax takes online classes through Outschool and develops mentoring networks that support his pursuits in business, entertainment and even manufacturing. 

“This would just not work in traditional school,” he said. “Academically, I’m able to tailor my learning experience to my interests and career. I love being able to take classes that help me right now with the work I’m doing.”

It Might Surprise You

Jax acknowledges that most people he meets don’t know he has a learning disability.

“It’s similar to dyslexia,” he said. “When I read, my processing time takes longer than most other learners.” 

Learning lines from scripts for his acting work can be challenging, according to Jax. However, he says it’s only made him work harder and want to be more successful. 

“I have a really strong support system,” said Jax. “With my parents, my Exploration Facilitator Emily Strickland and my entire iLEAD family behind me,  I am always determined to accomplish my goals.”


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Going Forward

As you can see, Jax is a unique young man with a multitude of skills, talents, passions, pursuits and goals. That being said, it’s probably safe to say that Jax Malcolm is just getting started. 

In the spirit of iLEAD’s high-quality project-based learning, Jax continually showcases, exhibits and shares his work publicly. Learn more about Jax and see his work at the following:

Ultimately, Jax has a strong message that he uses internally and is happy to share with others: “My mantra remains the same,” said Jax. “Go for what you want and don’t let anyone or anything stand in the way of your dream.”

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