iLEAD Parent Appreciates Personalized Approach to Learning

Parent Sandra Brosnan recently reached out to thank and acknowledge iLEAD Online for the support of her 14-year-old daughter and for reinvigorating her faith in public education, especially charter schools. In a pursuit to understand the satisfaction and the high parent and learner engagement, we asked Brosnan why she felt the iLEAD experience has been vastly better than previous experiences for her daughter. Here is what she had to say:

When did you come to iLEAD Online and why?
We came to iLEAD Online at the beginning of 2020. My daughter, Leilani, was struggling at another charter school for a variety of reasons, and I was so stressed out over it all that I initiated the change for my emotional well-being.

Why have you stayed at iLEAD Online?
We have stayed because it has been such a positive experience in every possible way.

How has iLEAD impacted your daughter as a learner?
I can see by her positive attitude and demeanor, contrasted from before, that the positive feedback and the interaction with her facilitators are having a positive impact.

How has iLEAD impacted your view of charter schools and education as a whole?
Education is in my blood. I am a credentialed secondary teacher, and so was my mother. Leilani’s elementary charter school was excellent, but once we hit middle school it became apparent that any flexibility, personal attention or exceptions to their rules would not be happening. iLEAD has given me hope and inspiration that we can treat all learners individually.

What makes iLEAD exceptional to you?
I think iLEAD is exceptional because of the staff. I don’t micromanage all my daughter’s work and assignments. I leave that to her. But my interactions with everyone have been amazing. Your staff always returns emails, and I have always felt they really cared.

What do you think other schools could learn from the iLEAD way?
I think public schools, teachers and administrators could put a bit more effort into caring and communication. Your program is also very flexible. In the end, it’s really about learning and motivating a child to want to learn more. Your staff is always so positive that I think both learners and families want to be a part of it all.

Any other comments you’d like to share?
My daughter is super smart and creative. She wants to be an animator. Leilani took animation with iLEAD Online last summer, and that was terrific for her. It’s important for schools to keep up with the current interests of kids and offer classes that interest them besides the basics. Lastly, keep up the good work. And as soon as it’s safe, we are excited to resume the group activities that my daughter also really enjoys.

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