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Lisa SalazariLEAD Exploration continues to grow and expand in all ways – including new leaders. One of those new leaders is Regional Lead Lisa Salazar. She recently agreed to share some personal and professional information in order for the iLEAD Exploration community to get to know her better. Here is a summary:

What are your hobbies, interests and passions?

I enjoy baking, but especially cupcakes.  I went through a phase where I was making them so often that my family of five couldn’t keep up with eating them.  Needless to say, we had very happy neighbors for a while as I perfected my frosting!  I also enjoy watching and rooting for my daughter’s travel softball team as they play around California. Finally, I enjoy supporting my two other children in all that they do.  I have a deep passion for inclusivity and feel that everyone deserves to feel valued for who they are.

What is your educational background?

I have my B.A. in Liberal Studies, a Multiple Subject teaching credential and a supplemental authorization in English from California State University, Northridge.  I am currently working on my Master’s degree in Educational Leadership, along with my Administrative Service Credential.

What is your professional background?

While at the junior college level, I taught Spanish to elementary aged private school students and worked as a classroom aide.  After I received my credential, I began working for LAUSD as an English teacher. I worked there teaching reading intervention until the birth of our oldest child.  After about six months, I realized that I needed to be back in the classroom. However, I wasn’t ready to go back to LAUSD. So, I started teaching  English to non-native speakers at the adult school in my area. After our twins were born a few years later, I got my first homeschool teaching position and have never looked back.  I have been in the role of an Educational Facilitator for 14 years now. I worked in a Lead position at my previous school and now serve as a Regional Lead.  I am loving every minute.

What are the roles and responsibilities of this new role?

This new role brings new things to learn each and every day.  As a Regional Lead, I work closely with the Leads in Region E to support them and their pod.  I also work closely with the Exploration Regionals, our Leadership Resident and Directors to ensure that Leads have all information necessary to give to their pods. This includes upcoming meeting slides, legislation updates, new policies and more. As a Regional Lead, I work with the RPD to communicate with EF’s about changes in their roster for our region. I also get to work with the parents who have concerns about changing legislation. 

Why iLEAD Schools? Why did you take on this new role?

iLEAD Schools is a respected charter organization with programs that stand out above the rest.  Throughout the years, I have heard numerous iLEAD Facilitators singing praises about school culture. I have always been intrigued.  I am at a point in my career now with my kids being older, to where I can now focus on my interests and growth as a professional.  When I was offered the position as a Regional Lead, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to grow with iLEAD and use my prior knowledge to help grow this amazing school of EF’s, support staff, and families.  I am excited to use my years of experience to help iLEAD continue to be a leader in the charter world.

How have you been welcomed or received thus far?

Each and every person that I have met has been so welcoming and inviting, thus proving that what I had heard about the culture. It is truly something to admire.  I have been taken under many wings to teach me who and where to go for support or questions as I do my job.  When I ask questions, I have never been made to feel silly for asking.  In fact, it has been quite the opposite!  I can’t say enough about the kindness that I have been shown on every level. I am so grateful to be a part of this community.

What are your thoughts about project-based learning?

I think that Project-Based Learning is amazing for our students.  Homeschooling is about teaching the many different ways that a learner’s brain works. PBL is a forward-thinking way to get their minds to step out into a different zone of thinking.  It also takes our facilitators out of their comfort zones of the regular teaching methods that we have practiced for years during our teaching programs.  For many learners (and facilitators), PBL is a breath of fresh air to see a new approach to teaching and learning.   


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