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The Culture of Learning and Leading at iLEAD Schools

In order to maximize project-based and social-emotional learning at iLEAD Schools, learners and facilitators work in an environment that is positive, supportive, innovative and creative. This is all about a culture of learning. 

We asked iLEAD facilitators and staff what they enjoy about working with iLEAD Schools. Here are 10 amazing voices:

“My favorite thing about the iLEAD network is that they take care of their employees as a whole person. I have never been a part of an organization where not just our professional performance but our social-emotional well-being is looked after.” 

Espi Briones, Corporate Compliance & Special Projects Mgr., iLEAD Schools Development, DBA Maker Learning Network 

“The empathy-centered culture and the ability to grow in our roles and be seen for who we are makes iLEAD an amazing place to work. We are encouraged to use our voice and help build the company. That’s not something you find at all workplaces.” 

Kristan Van Houten, Outreach and Communications Manager, iLEAD Schools Development, DBA Maker Learning Network  

“This is definitely a family environment. We all genuinely have all of our learners’ best interest at heart! I love iLEAD and what it stands for!” 

Ebony Eggleston, Science Facilitator, iLEAD Online 

“It’s the culture and connection: Innovative collaboration. ‘Free to think. Inspired to lead.’ We have a real and authentic mission and vision for education that I can wholeheartedly relate to in every way.” 

Elaine Williamson, Director of Design, iLEAD Schools Development, DBA Maker Learning Network 

“It’s all about the culture. It’s creative and inclusive, as well as a safe space to learn and grow. It’s truly a beautiful place to be able to call work.” 

Nicole Higdon, Front Office & Community Outreach Liaison, iLEAD Agua Dulce 

“I love working with different families on their homeschooling journey. I enjoy encouraging and supporting the learners and the parents with resources and direction when needed.” 

Jennifer Russell, Educational Facilitator, iLEAD Exploration

“There are so many reasons why I enjoy working with iLEAD: (1) knowing that our learners can excel academically through project-based learning, (2) knowing that we  can come together by way of Leadership Connection and grow and discuss pertinent and needed subjects, and (3) finally our staff retreats.” 

John Hill, Leadership Resident, iLEAD Antelope Valley 

“It’s simple. It’s the people, culture, PBL, kids, my room and hugs.” 

Erika Cedeno, Spanish Facilitator, iLEAD-SCVi 

“I really enjoy being able to create my own curriculum, the collaboration, the open spaces, my teammates and, of course, my learners.”

Megan Tapia, K/1 Facilitator, iLEAD-SCVi 

“I really like that we have the space for self-care and to make connections with one another. I enjoy being able to rely on colleagues and support one another. iLEAD creates the capacity to self-manage your work.” 

Manuel Ortega, Project Management, iLEAD Schools Development, DBA Maker Learning Network 

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