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Want impressive Presentations Of Learning? Then teach learners the basics of public speaking!

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Meet the Maker

Thom Markham, Senior Global Advisor

Hi everyone. I’m the Senior Global Advisor for iLEAD Schools. Most of you know me as your friendly PBL Coach :). I’ve been working with PBL for over 20 years and still find it a fascinating topic! One reason I love PBL is that it offers so many ways to support the growth of young people. For this installment of Making Magic, I’ve focused on a neglected area of PBL: Your opportunity to help learners become confident public speakers. Offering them training and practice in public speaking will make a noticeable difference in the quality of a Presentation Of Learning, as well as helping learners master a skill that most adults avoid. It’s definitely a game changer. Speaking of games, I’m a disappointed San Francisco Giants fan this week. Wait til next year!

This Week’s Focus

Driving Question

How can I, as a facilitator, help my learners overcome fear of public speaking and develop the basic skills necessary for effective presentations?

Presentations Of Learning are the last book end of a well designed project. Too often, they fall flat because learners may know the content of their presentation but can’t communicate effectively to the audience. Plus, parents love it when their children stand up and give a confident and clear performance. It can happen with a bit of training and practice prior to the Presentation Of Learning.


Check out this video: 7 Ways To Teach Public Speaking To Kids. Teaching the basics of public speaking is not difficult. Mostly, it’s a matter of offering learners simple speaking methods–and then providing the opportunity to practice in front of peers prior to the Presentation Of Learning. Build this time into the Project Calendar and you’ll find your Presentations Of Learning will rock! And learners will notice their growth! There is nothing like a successful presentation to feel more like an adult!


Urban myth says that people are more afraid of public speaking than dying! Why is this? What’s behind the fear and how do you help learners overcome this fear? Read on:
Why Are We Scared of Public Speaking? | Psychology Today

More Magic

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Being Makers

Being Makers

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