iLEAD School's Culture and Community

What’s Unique about iLEAD Schools’ Culture and Community?

Peter Drucker famously said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” More and more educators are realizing that culture is the driving force behind everything they do. If we want authentic project-based and personalized learning with meaningful social-emotional connectivity, culture makes that possible. 

What’s special about the iLEAD way? Here’s what 10 powerful iLEAD voices had to say about the culture and community at iLEAD Schools:

“iLEAD’s culture and community are unique for various reasons. A true sense of community, family and unity exists in each iLEAD school. The open-floor concept provides for a unique learning experience, which provokes the learner’s ability to self-regulate their actions and interactions with each other. Most importantly, iLEAD provides the learners with a safe environment to develop and boldly display their independence, creativity and leadership skills.”
Elizabeth Gill, Facilitator, iLEAD Lancaster 

“We focus on social and emotional growth and tolerance. We love the learners in addition to being their guides in their learning experiences.”
Kris Nilsen, Academic/College/Career Counselor, iLEAD-SCVi

“The culture and community are collaborative, layered with care, and considerate. We have a thoughtful sense of respect for the individual and the collective whole. There is a sense that everyone is approachable and available to problem-solve, regardless of the challenges or who makes the request. iLEAD focuses on the whole person. Our leaders, our staff, our kids are all encouraged to dig deeper into their personal development as well as educational/professional development. That is singularly unique because most organizations seem to focus more on the ‘How can you make our team better?’ and iLEAD looks at ‘How can we help you be better?’ It’s incredibly empowering and freeing to be supported and encouraged to be your best self both personally and professionally.”
— Elaine Williamson, Director of Design, iLEAD Schools Development, DBA Maker Learning Network

“iLEAD is a safe, inclusive and supportive environment where learners and staff feel free to grow.”
Christopher Bojorquez, Facilitator, iLEAD Agua Dulce 

“We have the ability and freedom to work with kids in different socioeconomic conditions and with different backgrounds and open minds and hearts to possibilities.”
Gladys Ramirez, Registrar/Back Office Manager, iLEAD Agua Dulce

“iLEAD encourages all to be leaders, no matter your role.”
— Stephanie Vasquez, Community Partnership Coordinator, Empower Generations

“iLEAD has a mutual care and understanding that learners’ needs come first.”
Dora Janczewski, Care Team, iLEAD Hybrid Antelope Valley

“Students are a part of their learning from the start, when they create learning goals for the year. They have a choice in project options and are a part of clubs and other activities that they choose. They even have flexibility in their seating and the way they choose to complete work each day.”
Zenaida Morales, 3rd Grade Facilitator, iLEAD Lancaster

“We have a collective ability to create and nurture authentic relationships that benefit all involved.”
Michelle Guire, 8th Grade Math Facilitator, iLEAD-SCVi

“Our way of ‘leaving it better than we found it’ applies to everything from physical space to the learning taking place.”
— Sonia Kurfess, Care Team, Health Office, Sub, iLEAD-SCVi

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